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Advantages of Service at Nick Nicholas Ford

Nobody likes to take their car in for repairs, but when the time comes you want to make sure it gets done right. Where is the best place to service your vehicle? The dealership. Although many have unhappy feelings about this, it's really your best option.​ That is why you should bring your car to​ Nick Nicholas Ford.

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Why Go To a Dealership?
Ignore the myth of the more expensive dealership pricing. There are plenty of great reasons to service at your dealership—well worth the initial, occasional difference in price. Besides, getting this superior service at a dealership can save you plenty of money down the road.

Dealership maintenance is better for two big reasons, one of which is convenience. Dealerships have more resources, more technicians, easier scheduling. If you need a rental car while your dealership works on your car, they’ll have one at their immediate disposal to offer you. If you need an unscheduled appointment, they’ll get you in faster. If you need to schedule an appointment, many dealerships have convenient online scheduling.

The other great thing about dealership service is its higher quality in comparison to independent mechanic work. Not that those mechanics aren’t talented individuals, but they simply don’t have what dealerships have. For one, dealership technicians are highly trained to understand your vehicle and recognize and repair problems in the most efficient way possible, and they’re usually required to continue their education throughout their careers to maintain up-to-date knowledge.

Dealerships also have access to better parts and repair technologies. Dealerships will always provide you with factory original parts for your vehicle, unlike private mechanics, who often replace your car’s damaged or worn parts with generic parts. Additionally, dealerships are required to buy advanced diagnostic tools and repair tech to make sure your vehicle gets the very best care.

Going to your dealership for service helps maintain a strong relationship with your dealer and ensures that the best technicians, parts, and tools are used. In the long run, you’ll appreciate that dealership techs go the extra mile, do some additional services for free, and provide quicker, more convenient service.
Why Go To Nick Nicholas Ford?
When you choose dealership service like what we provide here at Nick Nicholas Ford, you are getting service you can depend on. We promise to only use​ genuine Ford Parts. These parts are engineered to work exactly like the original parts and they come with a two-year warranty. So if the part or repair should fail within that time, you can take it to any Ford dealership across the country and get it repaired again free of charge.

Here at Nick Nicholas Ford,​ our service technicians​ are factory-trained and are always up to date on the newest models and technology. So even when an all new model debuts, we will know how to fix any problems and will have the right tools for the job. Our expertise makes us better able to precisely diagnose problems with your vehicle, meaning it will be repaired faster and better.

When you use a neighborhood repair shop, they might be knowledgeable and even do a great job, but they might not always use the right parts for the job or have the most up-to-date training on the latest vehicle technology. You might feel like you’re saving money by skipping the dealership, but when a repair isn’t done right, you will likely end up paying more in the long run to have the same thing repaired multiple times.

If you choose Nick Nicholas Ford, we promise to deliver a superior service experience and return your car to you in better shape than when you left it with us. Give us a call at (352) 726-1231, or​ schedule an appointment​ with us today online.

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