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The History Of The Ford Motor Company


If you know anything about the Ford Motor Company, you know that this company was founded on strong morals, lots of hard work, and a lasting dream. Henry Ford, engineer and auto lover, founded the Ford Motor Company back in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan, and sold his first Model A Ford vehicle a month later. However, it wasn't until the introduction of the Model T Ford in 1908 that the company would really take off.

The Model T Ford was truly an innovation if its time. It was one of the first simple yet affordable vehicles on the market during the period, and would go on to sell 15 million units until 1927, when it would cease production. It now stands as one of the best-selling vehicles of all time.

In 1913, another one of Henry Ford's brilliant ideas would make an impact on every day life: the assembly line. This new process greatly reduced the Model T's assembly time, all while becoming a manufacturing revolution. This would help in lowering the price of the Model T, making it even more affordable than before.

In the years to follow, the Ford Motor Company continued to grow, stepping into foreign markets, and continuing to innovate as far as vehicles were concerned. In 1922, Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company from Henry Leland, moving into the luxury car business we know today. In 1941, Ford would begin producing Jeeps for the United States military in the World War efforts. And then, in 1964, Ford introduced the very first Ford Mustang, which would change the world of muscle cars forever.

While we cannot begin to even explain all of the things Henry Ford did for the automotive industry, we can be sure he played a big role in how we see it today. Model after model, Ford has won many awards and acknowledgements within the industry, and is sure to continue that legacy for years to come. We here at Nick Nicholas Ford are proud to be a part of the Ford Motor Company!

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