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The Importance Of Oil Changes


As far as routine car maintenance goes, getting an oil change is one of the cheapest services. Even though it doesn’t cost much, oil plays a major role in the function and lifespan of your car – if you value your engine, that is. Getting an oil change can prevent hefty repair and maintenance costs down the road while also increasing your fuel efficiency.

Overall, oil plays three major roles in the engine: lubricate, cool, and protect.

An engine is made up of many moving parts that are constantly grinding together. Oil lubricates the parts so they don’t damage one another. In addition, all those moving parts generate quite a bit of friction, not to mention the heat from small explosions, and oil works to draw away some of the heat. Lastly, oil protects your engine from carbon and varnish buildup within the engine itself.

So, what can happen if you don’t change your oil?

Well, carbon and varnishes will build up in the engine, usually around the crankcase, camshafts, and valves. As a result, sludge and carbon deposits can get mixed in with old oil. The only way to effectively remove buildup is through a full engine cleaning. You may also need to replace your engine’s piston rings. Both price tags are something you’ll want to avoid.

Worse problems could develop over time. The pistons could seize entirely or the camshafts could be damaged. You can imagine the price that comes with replacing those major engine parts.

Changing your oil is simple and you can do it yourself if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. You can find what type of oil your car takes in the owner’s manual. A mechanic here at Nick Nicholas Ford can also change the oil for an inexpensive price. Getting routine oil changes is much better than replacing engine parts – you can trust us on that one.

For more information on oil changes or automotive service in general, be sure to check out our Service and Maintenance Tips or our Service FAQs pages. Or, come see us today at Nick Nicholas Ford in Inverness!

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