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How to Improve Fuel Economy | Nick Nicholas Ford | Inverness, Florida

Whether you drive an SUV, sedan, pickup, van, or commercial vehicle, increasing gas mileage is always a priority. From changing driving habits, maintenance, combining trips, and choosing the right vehicle, there are several ways for you to up your gas mileage.

Driving habits greatly influence the efficiency of your engine. According to the US Department of Energy, aggressive driving habits such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and slamming on your brakes can decrease fuel mileage as much as 33% at highway speeds. Unless you are driving a racecar, your car is not designed for such driving, making it more likely that you are getting less than ideal fuel economy. Other things you can do include observing the speed limit – every 5mph over the 50 mph can drastically reduce fuel economy. You should also avoid idling and hauling unnecessary weight, and always use cruise control when you’re on the highway.

Keeping your car in shape can also increase fuel mileage. Proper maintenance includes keeping your engine tuned, keeping tires properly inflated, using recommended oils, and replacing clogged or dirty air filters. When your car is oiled, tuned, and clean, it works its best. Oil changes should occur about every 3000 miles and you should check tire pressure at least once a month.

Daily commuting is one of the major expenses for most drivers. There are several ways to reduce fuel costs such as carpooling, combining errands into one trip, and staggering your commute to off hours. By driving when it’s less busy your car uses cleaner air and it reduces the risk of idling when you are stuck in gridlock. Check out carpooling programs in your area, and use public transit whenever possible.

Finally, buying a fuel efficient vehicle is one of the best ways to decrease the cost of gas. EPA-tested gas mileage is available through the US Department of Energy for every model dating back to 1984. You should not only examine the best vehicles, but you should also consider the long-term savings of buying compact and hybrid models. Stop by Nick Nicholas Ford for more information on which cars get the best fuel economy.
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